Autumn in Berlin

WordPress local with XAMPP

My new online project is to build static websites with WordPress. Just to see if it can be a viable alternative to the light Typesetter CMS, which I’m currently using for some static websites. For … Read more →

Van Morrison and the Chieftains on Raglan Road

One of the most beautiful irish folk songs sung by Van Morrison and teh Chieftains, the veterans of Irish Folk, founded by the unforgotten Paddy Molony in 1962. This one features Van Morrison on the … Read more →

Winter in Plaue, Germany

I was walking through a winter wonderland in Plaue (City of Brandenburg) in Germany this weekend.

Covid 19: Will Germany break the Wave?

The german government wants to break the second wave of the Covid pandemy with what they call a lockdown light. So far for the month of November. But the trust in chancellor Merkels capabilities in handling the crisis is on the wane. Read more →

Welcome Gutenberg

Did you enjoy my picture gallery from the Bode Museum? A place, we all are hopefully soon be allowed to visit again. Propably that was the last blog post with the classic editor of WordPress. … Read more →

Falling in Love with Ludwig van Beethoven

The Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D-Major op.61 is the right music to fall in love with Ludwig van Beethoven, who was born 250 years ago. Governments all over Europe are loosening restrictions of … Read more →

The Toilet Paper Mystery

My wife and me, we finally got it. We got hold of a new pack of toilet paper. 16 rolls of three-ply Toilet Paper from a well known brand. To tell the truth, we don’t … Read more →

Germany avoids the shutdown

It was a soft brake, what chancellor Angela Merkel today reported to the public. From Monday on germans are not allowed to gather in public. We can still go out, but only alone or with … Read more →

Corona: Emergency stop in Germany?

Over 20,000 infected, 70 dead: that’s Germany’s corona record. Virologists advise social distancing, governments and administrations have responded. Shops, cinemas, bars and restaurants are closed. Thousands are working from home. Chancellor Angela Merkel also advised … Read more →