Bode Museum, Berlin

Impressions from the Bode Museum in Berlin. Pictures taken with Olympus E-420 in February 2020.

Review: Carless on tour with my Burley Travoy

My first Trip to a rehearsal with “Orgelnauten” by bike. All my percussion gear packed on my new Burley Travoy. Since I changed from a traditional drum kit to my cajon kit, I dreamed about traveling to gigs and rehearsals by bike, at least in my neighbourhood. I thought about buying a cargo bike, but turned that idea down. Firstly, because I have to carry my bike down to the cellar, and I’m not that young to lift 30 or 40 kilogram the stairs up and down on a daily basis. Secondly, because I simply love my trusty old Kettler Alu Rad (Kettler Alloy Bike?). It weighs less than 15 kilogram and rides like a dream.

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WordPress local with XAMPP

My new online project is to build static websites with WordPress. Just to see if it can be a viable alternative to the light Typesetter CMS, which I’m currently using for some static websites. For that I needed a local server on my Linux Mint machine. On Linux you can choose between two alternatives: The first is called LAMPP, a locally installed server package with an Apache2 server MySQL and PHP. That demands an endless number of entrys on the command line – with uncertain results. Not my path. I chose XAMPP, a solution with graphical interface, that brings you Apache, MySQL, PHP and PHPMyadmin by just a few clicks. I found an howto at Squarenoid, which worked for me, with some minor supplements:

After Installing XAMPP I had to create a new database for my project before installing WordPress. It’s a doodle in PHPMyadmin. After installing XAMPP and WordPress, I was shutting down my computer. Restarting the machine brought a bad surprise: I couldn’t connect to my server nor my WordPress installation. Solution: I had to restart my server manually.

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Welcome Gutenberg

Did you enjoy my picture gallery from the Bode Museum? A place, we all are hopefully soon be allowed to visit again. Propably that was the last blog post with the classic editor of WordPress. I’m resolved to switch to the new editor Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the future of WordPress. There is no use in tethering with something, that will be a dead end street any time soon.

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Falling in Love with Ludwig van Beethoven

The Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D-Major op.61 is the right music to fall in love with Ludwig van Beethoven, who was born 250 years ago.

Governments all over Europe are loosening restrictions of the corona lockdown these days. Step by step, but hardly in time for Ludwig van Beethoven. The great german composer was born in Bonn on December 17, 1770. Not only his hometown has announced many events to celebrate his 250th birthday. But the epidemic rules put an end to all plans. Beethoven in empty opera houses and concert halls? Inconceivably. My personal favourite in Ludwig van Beethoven’s Oeuvre is the Violin Concert. It has no number like Beethoven’s symphonies. It is the one and only Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D-Major by Ludwig van Beethoven and a masterpiece of pure grace and beauty. Continue reading

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