Coming from abroad, working in Germany and in need for some good advice around the german health insurance system? Maybe, a service by german internet portal, can be your ticket for onboarding to the strange world of german health insurance.

“” aims to guide you through the cliffs of public health insurance in Germany. Students, employees, refugees or au pairs: Anyone who lives, works or studies in Germany must have health insurance here. But the system poses a  challenge even for some longterm inhabitants of this beautiful country.

Does health insurance in Germany also apply to tourists? What should employees consider when choosing a health insurance company? As a student from the USA, do I have to have statutory and private health insurance? How do you get the right insurance when you come to Germany for two years as a guest lecturer?

The new service in English language shall help to get you started in Germany. Everything works in English: from the first overview to joining a health insurance company. The portal provides information about contributions, benefits and services of statutory and private health insurance. 

Interested visitors can make a new experience and try something very, very typical for Germany: They can use a calculator to calculate their future health insurance contribution! This is something, we eagerly love. We have internet portals with calculators for comparing prices for everything. Under this aspect, contributes in its own way in onboarding people from abroad.