My first Trip to a rehearsal with “Orgelnauten” by bike. All my percussion gear packed on my new Burley Travoy. Since I changed from a traditional drum kit to my cajon kit, I dreamed about traveling to gigs and rehearsals by bike, at least in my neighbourhood. I thought about buying a cargo bike, but turned that idea down. Firstly, because I have to carry my bike down to the cellar, and I’m not that young to lift 30 or 40 kilogram the stairs up and down on a daily basis. Secondly, because I simply love my trusty old Kettler Alu Rad (Kettler Alloy Bike?). It weighs less than 15 kilogram and rides like a dream.

So I decided to buy a cargo trailer. It had to be foldable to pack it away in a small city flat. The least I want to do is lifting the bike from the cellar and go back to take the trailer. The mount had to be located at the post of the saddle. Last thing you wanna do with nearly 60 years is to neel beside your bike to fix the trailer to a nut at the rear wheel. And – take note – the best trailer is one you really use in everyday life. So I decided to buy a Trolley. And the Burley Travoy is a dream come true. You barely notice the trailer on your way. Only cycling uphill or starting at traffic lights, you sense the additional weight of the trailer.

This kind of trailers has a fairly high center of gravity, so I was concerned, that the Travoy would eventually flip over, if the ride gets bumpy. But the Travoy stayed in track, even on difficult terrain. It showed no signs of tipping to either side or the other when I crossed curbs or tram rails. One unique selling point of the Burley Travoy is its detachable mount. If I had a gig in Berlin, I could ride by bike to Brandenburg Main Stationby and step into the railway wagon with the Travoy and the clamp. In Berlin I could take my Travoy, take a NextBike, clamp the bracket to the post, fasten the Travoy and I’m good to go.

My cajon kit unpacked. J.Leiva Alma Red cajon as a drum chair and bass drum, Ortega cajon pedal, Tama cymbal stand, Pearl Short Fuse snare drum (10″ x 4,5″), Sabian AA 12″ splash cymbal.