Did you enjoy my picture gallery from the Bode Museum? A place, we all are hopefully soon be allowed to visit again. Propably that was the last blog post with the classic editor of WordPress. I’m resolved to switch to the new editor Gutenberg. Gutenberg is the future of WordPress. There is no use in tethering with something, that will be a dead end street any time soon.

Although there is as well no use in struggling with fate, There is something in Gutenberg to complain about. It took the classic editor of wordpress years to integrate picture galleries – without the need of a third party plugin. Until that day, the WordPress community has to change gallery plugins every few years, because the usual tool runs out of support.

These times could come back with Gutenberg. There is no built-in tool for creating galleries. You have to take your choice between several plugins. The anglo-saxon community recommends Block Gallery, whereas german WordPress fans tend to prefer Meow Gallery. Both integrate nicely with Gutenberg, and both promise to stay compatible to a block architecture, which will come in the foreseeable future.